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by on Jul.17, 2013, under Contemplative

So I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time it would seem. The site is still up. The content creator just hasn’t fully committed to what to do with it.  I really wish I had a proper workshop to develop projects in, I think that would make life much easier.

At any rate, I have a couple of projects I am working on that I would like to post about but they are also gifts so I don’t want to spoil the surprise until they are delivered. One of them will be talked about soon. The other is still being built but should hopefully be finished in the next couple months. That is all for now.   –M

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by on Apr.20, 2011, under General

I’ve updated my resume and will try to update some other details or links. Possibly a story idea.

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by on Oct.04, 2010, under General

I haven’t touched this site in a while and I should have if for no other reason than to try to scratch my way back into practice of writing. I will be typing up some things I’d been thinking about soon, but it is midnight and I have work tomorrow so I’ll adjourn for this evening.

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by on Jan.23, 2010, under General

My sister made a crack about me not being able to draw around Christmas time. Sometimes I think she may be right but I occasionally dabble anyhow. This is a digital doodle from this evening. I suspect I was playing with it for about three and a half hours as that’s how long the dvd I was half watching ran for. Comments are off but if you want to say something about it and are in my Facebook list feel free to respond to the post about it there.

In Haste, running home

In Haste

In other news driving a different car now which so far seems to be doing pretty well. I think I only traded down on engine size and storage space, the comforts seem to all be there plus a few newer gadgets that my seven years older car didn’t have. Tomorrow I think I’ll try it on its first longer drive and run out to West Liberty to see Eulenspiegel Puppets current production. That is about all I have to say at the moment.

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Silly word

by on Oct.09, 2009, under General

Grin + minion = grinion

The grin of a ones minion as they mindlessly go about their tasks or the signs that they actually enjoy their assignments.

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by on Sep.17, 2009, under General

Hiya anyone that happens to still check this with its long absenses of update. This is primarily a quick test shot of a sub account that I can use to log in at work without exposing my main passwords to someones network. Things to do on webpage:

-update coppermine
-update redirect from to point to current site
-update splash page
-post new content

and off we go, end of day in minutes and drive home.

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by on Jul.23, 2009, under General

Tomorrow, I shall try to write something either here or elsewhere. I am out of practice and continue to avoid doing it. I hope to hear something by Monday from the job people or I’ll be starting over on the hunt. Been an interesting day over all, didn’t do much but was contacted through various means by three people I haven’t heard from in a while two of which want me to visit and the other I already have and its my turn to return a favor. So over all yes it was a pretty good day.

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Schedule Reminder

by on Jul.09, 2009, under General, Projects, theatre, Travel

Fringe Reminder

Tonight, July 8: Run through starts at 7 – Music at 8
July 9: OFF
July 10: OFF
July 11: Farmer’s Market AM to infiltrate – we’ll chat tonight
July 12: Choreography 4 pm – plan on 3 hours. When you aren’t being choreographed – will be running scenes in other part of building. Will be in appropriate costumes for the numbers being choreographed for this rehearsal. Songs being choreographed: SPERMALOT, Something New With You, C’mon Ova, Chlamydia.
(continue reading…)

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Four sentence bio

by on Jul.01, 2009, under General

Morgan Beary designed and built the puppets for this performance. He has been asked to make many strange things before but these may be among the largest and strangest things he has created. More information on Morgan can be found on his website

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Old bad habits

by on May.19, 2009, under General

It didn’t take long to fall into the old bad habits. I need to get more focused on projects instead of wandering back into time wasting activities. Not sure where to start on that.

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